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    Truble. our names taken.

    Me and my husband, thanks to you all berries, we have decided to name our 3rd son, Finn William. We absolutely love and adore the name. Even his big brother Bridger likes the name.
    So, here`s the problem, my hubby`s boss, just had a baby. Here`s the great part, his name is Finn.
    Me and my husband think we should change our baby`s name.
    What do you think?
    We have thought of a couple more names that we could use.
    Drew William
    Tristan Paul
    Rory David
    Cory Paul
    Dean Samuel
    Atticus David
    Jackson William
    Shane David
    Owen David

    Please give us advice, and if you think we should change our name, please give us some ideas.
    Thx in advance.
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    I like Shane and Owen a lot. They both have a similar feel Celtic to Finn.

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    I like them all except Drew William. The W's are a little too much.

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    It depends on the company and relationship you have with the boss. Growing up I heard stories about my parent's bosses, and I have met some of them a few times but none of them are important enough that my parents would have rethought the name choices. If he works in some family business where everyone knows each other and hangs out a lot outside of work I would change the name. Is this a forever job? My parents have both changed careers lately and they haven't either of them had the same boss long enough for it to really be a problem. I think forever jobs seem to be disappearing.
    What I am building up to is I don't think I would let someone I didn't know really well change my name list. I would change for a few close friends and some of my relatives particularly my sister, but I think it's fine if you use the same name. My whole life my parents had friends who had the same names as either their kids or their nieces and nephews and nobody really cared about that. Honestly friends change, bosses change unless you're so close you see them at least once a week (and by see them I mean you see the boss and his family outside of work and call each other to talk about your lives.) I wouldn't worry about it. I would let it be a coincidence. Good Luck!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love your sons' names! Bridger and Avery are adorable together. I really like Rory, Tristan, Atticus, and Owen with them. You might want to steer clear of Atticus, because of the repeated initial with Avery? I really like Bridger, Avery, and Tristan or Bridger, Avery, and Rory especially. I prefer Rory to Tristan, but I think I prefer Tristan with Bridger and Avery. Would you consider Tristan Samuel, or Rory William, or Owen Samuel? I like them slightly better than Tristan Paul and Rory David. I really like Atticus David as it is, though.
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