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    Talking Top 3- can they work as siblings?

    We only plan to have 3 so all of these will never be used but my question today is could they work as siblings? All first names are just ones we like. Middles have meaning/significance. All work with our last name. Given peoples dislike of Sloane we have a Version B of our girls list. Sloane has sentimental meaning to me though (my family lived in Sloane Square in London for a summer when I was 16).

    A: Zara Whitney (Whitney is the main character in one of my favorite books, she's a great namesake)
    Sloane Reverie (love reverie as a word name and love the meaning)
    Vivienne Lane (likely use nn Vivi. Lane is my grandmothers maiden name)

    B: Zara Whitney Sloane (moves Sloane to a middle)
    Vivienne Lane
    Gwendolyn Reverie (would go by Gwen)

    Griffin Michael (Michael is DHs late father's MN)
    Peter Bry (Bry is my grandfather's MN)
    Rafferty Zane (Zane is my father's middle and my brothers FN)

    Do any of the above NOT work well with the others?
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    The only problem I have is a pair of brothers named Peter and Griffin since I'm a huge fan of Family Guy. The rest all seem to go together.
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    Peter & Griffin stood out to me too, and I don't watch Family Guy, but that is what I thought of.
    Does Griffith appeal to you? Griffith, Peter & Rafferty are equally great together!
    Zara, Vivienne & Gwendolyn are fine. I don't care for Gwendolyn at all, though (it seems very dated to me, but Zara & Vivienne are more timeless, so Gwendolyn sticks out), but I do love Gwen, Gwyneth, and Guinevere.
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    I honestly love a lot of your names! Gwendolyn Reverie makes me drool it's so lovely!
    I do think that with Zara and Gwen and Vivienne, Sloane feels like it's the odd man out.
    I think it would work better as a boy's name actually. I could totally see Zara and Sloane being sister and brother!

    Vivienne Lane is interesting. It's like Veronica Lake with the k sounds replaced by n sounds, lol

    Zara Whitney is also lovely, and my 2nd fave after Gwendolyn Reverie

    Peter Bry is simply lovely. What a great name to have in the family!
    Zane is also amazing! Rafferty isn't one I love, but it sounds great with Zane. Peter Zane is also very nice.
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