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Thread: Skye?

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    I definitely prefer Skye over Skylar.

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    I agree with lerenard. I'd prefer to meet a Skye over Skylar. A friend of mine has a daughter named Skylar and she calls her Sky 95% of the time... love hearing Sky over Skylar! lol
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    Love the name Skye- but with a DD already called Brooke I think that combo would sound like I was a hippie. LOL
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    I like it but I would only ever use it as a middle name.

    Quote Originally Posted by rachelxoxo View Post
    I like the name, though I prefer it spelled Sky. I just don't understand extra letters .
    Skye is spelt this way because it's after a Scottish Island. Skye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I prefer Skye in the middle spot. I don't think I would like to have a common word as my first name. There is a distinction between the spellings. Sky is the noun and the atmosphere above the earth. Skye is a beautiful Scottish island place name so the "y" spelling is acceptable in this case.
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