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    There are some good ends-in-ee names, they're not all bad! I would want to keep the tradition too, but I would pick my names very carefully.

    These are my own favourite ends-in-i names, some are repeats and some I haven't seen in this thread:

    Naomi or Noemi, both are valid but not said the same way.
    Razili - roz-ee-lee
    Lazuli, like the gemstone.
    Libi - pronounced lee-bee. It's a Hebrew name meaning "my heart" and I love it but my poopyhead husband thinks it looks like a kreative-ed Libby. Grrr.

    If you think an -i nickname would fulfill the tradition, I think some of the cutest and most "correctly spelled looking" are Vivi, Gigi, Demi, Indi, Toni, and Tori, for Vivien/Vivienne/Viviana, Georgia/Georgiana Demetria, Indigo, Antonia/Antoinette and Victoria respectively.

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