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    Girl names ending in "I"

    My fiance and I are getting married in March, and will start TTC after the wedding. We've already got a boy's name picked out, but I'm just compiling a list of names I like for girls. There is a naming tradition in my family where girls are given a name ending in I. So my mom is Shelli, her sisters are Melodi and Staci, and I'm Mallori. My sister is the exception to the rule, she's Annie, but my mom though Anni looked a bit too odd. I'd like to continue this tradition with any future daughters, but am having trouble finding names I like that also look alright spelled with an 'i' at the end. Ruby is a favorite of mine, but I don't like how Rubi looks (mainly because there's a shoe store in NZ called Rubi shoes). Jacy is another favorite of mine (has been since I was young), but does Jaci look alright? Or is Jayci better? Any other suggestions? My style is a bit all over the place, so feel free to throw anything out there

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    I love Jaci with that spelling. Adorable. Maybe ones that rhyme with that like Laci and Maci?
    My favourite 'i' ending name is Sarai (sur-EYE), although that doesn't seem like your style.
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    I'm not a huge fan of Jacy, Jaci, or Jayci. It feels very dated, and doesn't look right. I prefer choosing a name that naturally ends in I than altering the spelling just to fulfill a requirement. Otherwise, to me, the I ending looks very nickname-y. Danny, for example, looks like a full name. Dani looks like a nickname. It'd be breaking tradition, but would you consider using a full, non-I name that has a -i nickname (Danielle nn Dani, for instance)? This offers so many more options.

    Here are some legitimate -i names: Suki, Naomi, Leilani, Lorelei, Mai, Tali, Gigi, Rani (prn. rahn-eye), Kairi, Adi (ah-dee)
    Ones that aren't names by themselves, but look and feel like full names: Lexi, Cali, Livi, Miri
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    I think I like Jaci better than Jayci and I like both better than Rubi (but that's just me). Some of these look odd to me, but I'll throw them out just the same.

    Other suggestions:

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    I some of those are cute, but I feel like I'd use something that won't be dated in five years' time, which I feel like most of them will be. Not because of the actual name itself, but because of the spelling itself. How do you feel about names that naturally end in the letter "I"? Like:

    Eleni (by far my favorite! Eleni is on my own list. I love it. She can be anything from Ellie to Ella to Leni (Lenny) to even Lili)
    Aikaterini (the original form of Catherine, I believe!)
    Ari (although I prefer it as a nn for something fuller and more feminine, like Arianne/Ariana, Arabella, Aurora, Aurelia/Aurelie, etc.)
    Eleri (eh-LARE-ee, I believe, is the proper Welsh pronunciation)
    Lili (the Welsh spelling of Lily; depending on the culture, it can be said like Lily or Lee-lee. The Welsh pronunciation is like Lily; otherwise I think it's Lee-lee)
    Miri (maybe this is better as a nn--for Miriam, Mira(belle), Mirielle/Mireille, etc., but I still think Miri's adorable!)
    Jia-li (maybe a bit out there, but I always thought it was such a beautiful Chinese name! It means "good and beautiful")
    Kai (I like it better for a boy, but I could see it working as a unisex name)
    Kalei (a lot of Hawaiian names would work, actually)
    Mai (love this as an alternative to Mae/May! It's still got that sweet, classic, simple vibe, but it's a bit more exotic. I love that it means "ocean" or "elegance". It's so pretty. There's also Mei, which means "beautiful". I believe Mai is said like "my" and Mei like "May".)
    Nayeli (sweet Native American name; it means "I love you")
    Tali (multiple origins, and this is one I don't especially mind the spelling. I think Tali's adorable. My sister's a Tallie. I obviously like that spelling best, but I think Tally and Talie are cute, too.)
    Tzofi (I like Tzofia more, but Tzofi fits your requirements)

    Good luck!
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