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    Thank you!!

    Standouts so far to me from these great suggestions are:

    Agnes (this is a little GP for me, I like it and love the nn "Nessa," but don't think DH would go for it)
    Willow (I think I love this for a middle spot)
    Aurelia (I prefer Aurelie, and had it on my list for a while, then realized it sounds like "orally." Darn!)

    I love these, but can't use because of various reasons:

    Seraphine/a (mom's name is Sara)
    Emmeline (my name is Emily)
    Sidonia (niece's name is Sydney)
    Genevieve (have a friend by this name)
    L e o n a P e a r l
    my baby girl

    ...and already dreaming of naming her siblings!

    ~ Felicity ~ Coretta ~ Junia ~ Vivenne ~ Coralie ~
    - Mattias - Callum - Harold -

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