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    What do you think of the name Aria?

    I am expecting twins in November, and I'm having a little difficulty choosing names. Both babies are girls, and he wants one to be named Aria.

    What do you think?

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    Aria is a lovely name, though very popular right now. It's been used in a variety of books, movies, and TV shows, and also (I believe) has been used by celebrities. What other names are you considering?
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    Twin girls, lovely! Many congratulations. I like Aria and the Game of Thrones spelling Arya, keep in mind how popular the TV series is. Depends of course on what you pair it with but I find it to be short and sweet.
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    Aria is best left to the opera world in my opinion. I don't like the trendiness of the name either.
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    I'm not a fan.

    First of all, it's one of those names that sounds light, airy, and ultra-feminine, but has little substance behind it.

    Second, I fear that it's meteoric rise since 2000 just precedes an eventual fall that will mark it as a early 21st century flash in the pan.

    Third, I think there will be pronunciation problems, especially with the spelling Arya out there now. Ah-REE-uh? Uh-RYE-uh? Air-EE-uh?

    All that said, I don't think it's a horrible name....just not my cup of tea. If you like it as much as your dh, go for it.
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