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Thread: Dollhouse names

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    My ten year old sister's favorite names are Merida, James, Hailey, Pauline, Jake, and Felix. From when I was five to when I was eight I was obsessed with the name was Scott. Our dog's name was Scott and I still insisted we should name my little sister Scott.
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    I like the girl name Maisy (also spelled Maisie). It's whimsical and pretty, and sounds like daisy.
    I also like Tahti for a girl as well.

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    I had a weird obsession with Cabbage Patch Kids when I was five or six (like, seriously. I had six or seven of them). They all came with birth certificates, so they were already named. I had a Sally, Emily, Paige, Cleo, Lily, Molly, and Maddie. So maybe that helps a bit. For boys names, try looking for more vintage names. They tend to sound frilly. I mainly used Joshua, James, Adam, and Jacob.
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