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Thread: Dollhouse names

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    How little is the girl? Are we talking four-year-old? Ten? A young child would pick names that weren't names at all. Dragon. Moon Hopper. Sunshine Sparkles. Bumblebee Flyer. Stuff like that. Any parent who ever asked their little one for ideas on baby names for a younger sibling could list some really funny names young children come up with. A combination of fun words or characters from books/movies they've seen. Superman. Dora. I don't know what kids watch anymore. Maybe some flower-faerie type names. Buttercup. Twinkleshine. Starbright.

    I remember some of the names I loved when I was 8-12, if that's more the range of your characters age. Twyla. Jessamine. Devony. Stormshadow. Haha, okay, so I was still in the mixing fun words stage. My point is, think about it from the perspective of your character. How old is she? What does she read? Watch? What year is it? What names or words would be part of her vernacular?
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    @redrobin: I like Ella and Max off of your list, thanks.
    @mbrow222: The long ones are a tad too complex, I'm afraid; I'm not looking for frilly so much as simple and girlish. I'm liking Rosie, Tim and Kevin.
    @rkrd: I like your boys' options, especially Freddy and Ned.
    @grackym: Maybe not Annabel, but Annie or Bella? Your others are a bit too much for me I'm afraid but I like nicknames or variations of them: Tally, Gemma, Cat and Lucy.
    @redwoodfey: She's roughly in the 6-8 range. It's not specified, for she only appears at the very end of the story. You're really supposed to guess who or what the main characters (the dolls) are before it's revealed; for this reason, I'm trying to stay away from names like Moon Hopper, as I think most readers would have difficulty believing Mrs. and Mr. Sunshine Sparkles were ordinary people. When I mentioned Lily and Sophie, I hoped to convey the style of names that I wanted: simple, girly, well-known, something she might see in a picture book, or a classmate at school.

    Thanks for all your help, keep the ideas coming!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bibliophile View Post
    I hoped to convey the style of names that I wanted: simple, girly, well-known, something she might see in a picture book, or a classmate at school.
    This is the ticket really. So, names that were in the top 100 eight years ago are the names she'd be sharing a class with. Ten random names of each gender for 2005:

    Kayla, Isabelle, Emma, Lucy, Erin, Layla, Gracie, Marissa, Madison, Mia.

    Caleb, Evan, Hayden, Isaac, Cooper, Blake, Drew, Garrett, Aidan, Ethan.
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    Cute Story!

    Sly (Sylvester)

    These sound like mysterious dolls to me!

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    Names my sister and I used for our baby dolls:


    When we started playing with Barbies the names got gradually frillier as the years went on: Jenny, Samantha, Isabella, Gabrielle, Camilla. Male names stayed pretty simple: Bob, Andy, Simon, Brian. (We didn't have many boy dolls. I am still a bit bitter about how this restricted our storytelling.)

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