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    I'm bad at boy names! Opinions or suggestions?

    I am horrible at boy names and my husband wants me to make a list for him to tear apart as we are going to start trying for #2. My boy style is so different from my girl style. In a boy name I like- Simple, ages well, maybe a bit old fashioned in a clean cut 50s way. I dislike- Fancy, Old fashioned in a long Biblical or mythological way, modern & surname style, tough sounding, cutesy sounding, confusing looking. My ideal name is John. My back up was Francis. He hates both. I liked the idea of either of those names with Beauregard in the middle. I love it with a clear classic like either of those, but wouldn't use it in the fn spot or with anything less classic. Here are some other ones like/possible options


    both of those are unusable cause of personal associations, but I like the sound of them.


    My husband basically laughed at all of the above! Wallace was the only one he wasn't horrified by. The trouble is all of these are merely OK to me. Cliff & Vitto are my 2 favorites.

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