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    I like it as a middle. It's been in the top 200 for girls since the late 70s- those thousands of girls named Autumn are just going to make it logistically difficult for a male Autumn. There's no reason Autumn should be a girls name over a boys, but realistically, it's not practical for a boy as a first name.

    Do you like Auden? It's very similar sounding, and I don't think you'll encounter nearly as much confusion.

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    Middle name, okay ... First name, no way .

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    I can't see why not. I especially like it in the middle. The right type of boy could wear it well in the fn spot, but it would be unfortunate on a boy who is less confident.

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    LOVE for a boy I don't see why not? I don't know why Autumn is considered usually feminine anyways.
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    Quite some time back someone posted here that she had a nephew named Autumn (first name). I've also heard it used from someone else too on a boy. I've actually heard of Autumn, Winter and Summer all being used on boys before, but obviously not very common.

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