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    Question A boy named Autumn

    I was actually thinking about putting it on my list as a middle name, but it got me wondering about it as a first. I know it's popular for girls, but it's a nature name so I feel like it should be fair game for either gender.

    Totally hypothetical, of course - I'm not expecting any time soon . But what would you think? Yay or nay?

    And for the record, if anyone would be so kind as to offer up opinions on this as well, I was considering using it as a middle for Lucas.

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    I think of Autumn more as a female name, but I think it could go for a boy, especially as a nature-y MN. I say 'yay.'
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    I think if its going to be on a boy then I would use it as a middle name.
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    Yes, it theoretically could be used as a boys' name - there's no law that states what gender it should be assigned to - but I don't think it necessarily should. Autumn, perhaps because it shares the au- prefix of Aurora, Aurelia and Auden, and the soft-sounding "umm" as a suffix, sounds very effeminate. I personally think August, an established boys' name, sounds feminine. When names like Winter, which has always sounded very masculine to me, are being used frequently by girls, I think Autumn will likely be teased.
    Though as a middle name it's significantly less of a no-no, it's still not my favorite. August would be a better choice. I don't think it flows well with Lucas either (though I adore the name Lucas!).
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    I vastly prefer Autumn on a boy. (Also, when reading the responses to your thread, bear in mind that Nameberry is disgustingly misogynistic and regressive when it comes to gender. In the eyes of Pam and Linda, the second a name, ANY name, is given to a girl, ANY girl, it immediately becomes female and is forever after unusable for any and all boys. Unfortunately most Berries have absorbed this attitude.)
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