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    1. Isaac Henry
    2. Drew Henry
    I would avoid Will due to the connection to your ex-husband. If I met a friend whom I didn't know very well, but knew her first husband was Bill I would assume Will was Bill Jr. or Bill III, etc.. I think some of your friends will be confused that Will is your first child from your second marriage.
    Of course with Facebook, everyone will see you have remarried but people tend to not to pay attention to other people's lives that much. You have so many beautiful associations with Isaac that I say go with the happy and leave the bad in the past.
    I wish you the best. Good Luck!

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    I guess I don't associate the name Will with my ex because we divorced ten years ago and he just never went by that name. I associate it more with famous people like Will Ferrell, Will Smith, etc... But I can see everyone's point. (It's probably one of the names I love and I have been having a hard time finding a name I love that my husband also likes). I like Isaac and Drew as well. I think all 3 are good choices. I guess mainly the first name should flow well with the last name. I'm getting nervous that the time is near and we don't have a name picked yet. My husband is thinking Will Henry for now. Of course his ideas change daily. Yesterday he liked Isaac henry.

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    I think they are all really nice choices. I love the meaning behind them. It's obvious you've put a lot of thought and love into these choices so I think any would be great. I love the name Drew and sounds very nice w/ Henry. I do think I like Isaac Henry the best though! And just love the signifance of the name. But like I said, all great choices and can't go wrong!
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    I like Drew Henry the best. I would avoid Will in your case, and also Will Henry reminds me too much of the royals anyway
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    I like all of these but Will Henry is my favorite followed by Issac Henry.
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