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    Which Do You Pick For A First Name For Our 1st Baby (a boy)

    Hi-my husband and I are having our first baby, he is due Aug 27-Sept 1-so very soon! We have a short list of names we narrowed it down to (after a lot of searching and crossing off names and comparing each others likes and dislikes). My husband has a big family and we are trying to avoid doubling up on names. We like the idea of naming our baby with a short and simple name, and nicknames taken from longer names that are becoming their own name is fine with us. I think we plan on using Henry as the middle name (my husband's dad's middle name). Our last name is Schindler. Here are our ideas and reasons for them.

    Will Henry- (we picked Will because we had trouble conceiving and our priest annointed/blessed us after we prayed for God's "will" for us, if God wanted us to have a baby or not have one, we would be happy either way, then we got pregnant a few months after that. I don't want to use William because that is my ex husbands name, he always went by the name I never think of Will in relation to him and love the name Will-I think it's a short and sweet name).

    Isaac Henry- (we picked Isaac because we liked the story of Abraham and Sarah in the bible not being able to conceive, then having their child Isaac at an old age-I will be having my first child at the age of 40..not that 40 is old, but maybe a little older than most when having their first. In one of our ultrasound photos the baby looks like he's smiling and Isaac means laughter. The only thing I hesitate on with this one is will our baby have to correct people most of his life on the spelling. I know there are a lot of variations on this name).

    Drew Henry-(I love the name Andrew, but we have a cousin named Andrew-my husband isn't sold on this name because he doesn't want him nicknamed Andy- so we thought Drew would be a good fit and hubby likes the name Drew).

    Any thoughts on any of these?


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    Isaac Henry sounds the best, in my opinion. I sincerely doubt you will have spelling issues with Isaac, as it is a very familiar Biblical names. I like the name Will, but Will Henry doesn't sound the best, and I'm not the biggest fan of Drew. Isaac Henry is a solid, strong combo, and congrats on your son!
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    Drew Henry is the strongest. Will would be my second choice, but I'd nix it if I had an ex- w/such a close name. If you're ok w/the Sarah comparison, Isaac is also a solid choice that most reasonably educated people can spell.

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    2nd Isaac. It has a great meaning behind it. And I think that most people will assume that Will is short for William.
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    I like them in this order:

    Drew Henry
    Will Henry
    Isaac Henry
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