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    Alliterative twin names

    Twins are very common on both sides of my family, so there is always a possibility of it happening to me. I try not to obsess over sibsets, but I do feel that twins and other multiple groupings should be unique and still compliment each other. So my question is: how do you feel about alliterative names for multiples? Does your opinion change depending on the gender mix? Could something like Goldenrod and Gardenia or Huckleberry and Hawthorn work? What are some twins sets that you like that share this trait?
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    I think that twins will already have to share so much, they should at least have their own set of initials. I do really like thematically linked siblings, especially astronomical or botanical sets (you too, I see!).
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    I'm not a fan of alliteration in sibsets or multiples. If the sounds are different, it's better, (for example hard and soft C, or other consonants) but still something I'd probably not do. I think twins share SO much (or there's the assumption that they share everything, and everyone they meet will imagine such), that they can and should have names that are distinctly different from each other. I think the style of names however really should match... Probably worse than alliterative names in my opinion are two names with drastically different styles/feel to them with one name widely considered to be more 'in' than the other. I knew twin guys by the names B.ret and C.urtis, and I think C got the really short end of the stick there.... B was a much 'hotter' sounding name when we were growing up. I don't know if they were family names or not but they just didn't seem like "equal" names... I know some of that ('equal' names) is subjective, but one of the reasons I'd suggest parents of twins try out the names with strangers first (like nameberry where it's nice and generally anonymous!)

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    I'm not a big fan of matchy-matchy names. If they are going to have something in common, maybe something less obvious, like syllables.

    My DH is a twin (Ryan and Rebecca) and his sister always went by Bex, so they didn't sound so matchy-matchy
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