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    If I'm lucky, the right name just comes to me. If inspiration strikes, I put the name through a sort of screening process: does it make sense for the time/place the character was born, would the character's parents really pick a name like that, does it suit the character's personality, is it too close to another character's name or the name of someone I know, is the name's meaning (both literal and through association) ridiculous, sappy, or unsubtle, etc.

    It's all feast or famine, too. If the above doesn't happen, I know I'm in for hours of listmaking on behindthename and weeks of waffling back and forth between my options. It sometimes helps to set the name question aside and spend more time fleshing the character out. If I do, I might get a flash of insight about the name...or I might not.

    Characters are like kids. Some are harder to name than others.
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