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    I need names for my characters!

    Actually, its two characters and they're twins.
    This story is fantasy themed and its about a world of wizards.
    The older twin is an elegant teenage girl who tops everything(grades, looks, popularity, etc). She's really popular in her school and she's a bit of a teachers pet. She's a bit too full of herself and looks down on people with no magic powers.
    The younger twin is born with little amount of magic so her parents are really dissapointed in her. And they show how they feel about her by neglecting her. She has low self esteem and is really quiet. She looks cold and harsh but actually has a soft side.

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    I have no idea what kind of names are common in your fantasy world, so the suggestions will be all over the place.

    older twin: Arabella, Claire, Clarisse, Josey, Rose/Rosalie, Priscilla, Zenobia, Oceana, Ludovica, Lucille

    younger twin: Alice, Moana, Jane/Jayna, Marion, Georgine, Aurelie, Mercy, Emily, Annika, Franny
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    Older twin: Elizabelle, Sierra, Calvina, Cadence, Beatrice, Primrose, Roberta, or Aria

    Younger twin: Mattea, Amadea, Antonia, Ekaterina, Faye, Anya/Aine, Grainne, Aoife, or Caoimhe

    (for some reason I felt a lot of Irish names fit the second twin)

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