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    Anai is pretty & anais is a very common baby blanket name here. Although I dont like nick names it does offer decent ones & the meaning is quite deep. Do you think if I cut out the ana & did just Stasia like stay-sia (like asia without the a?) We have a ten letter 3 syllable last name so I feel like anastasia in whole might be much

    So many to consider & my mom is finally giving in some! she likes Oksana ( she said it like oxana?) & Olena..

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    Have you thought of Anya instead of Anastasia? Aine (pronounced like Anya) is popular in Ireland. Anya is the Russian diminutive of Anastasia.
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    My daughter will speak ukranian thanks to her Dido (ukranian for grandpa). she also has a lot of irish background.. any suggestions with those backgrounds that are beautiful & not tooo crazy?
    I like Eirian, Tatiana, Katya, and Aislin.

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