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    Anya/Aine and Kira/Ciara are good suggestions, as they really bridge the two languages. Dara is Irish and Daria is Ukrainian, those are very close. Elen is Welsh as opposed to Irish, but very close to Elena. A little more out there is Fainne/Fania.

    Otherwise, there are plenty of names in either language that are pretty to people from either culture.

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    Thanks everyone they are some great expressions I don't think I would have ever thought of even half of them

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    Hi there. I am half-Ukrainiam, speak Russian so...
    Firstly: Kostya, Misha, Vanya, Pasha and Nikita are BOYS' names.
    Then, I would list recognizable Ukrainian names with possible nickname options. Nicknames are not used as full names in Ukraine, to make things clear.
    Alexandra - Sascha, Alya
    Anastasia - Asya, Nastya, Stasya
    Angelina - Lina (g like goat)
    Anna - Anya, Nura, Anuta ("u"="you") or Ganna (g like in goat)
    Daria - Dasha
    Darina/Dariyana - Dasha
    Eugenia/Yevgenia - Zhehya
    Elizaveta/Yelizaveta - Liza (lee-zuh)
    Elena - Lena, Elya
    Fedora - Fedya
    Irina - Ira
    Kira (kee-ruh)
    Larisa - Lara
    Leocadia - Lyoca
    Lidia - Lida
    Ludmila - Luda, Mila
    Milena/Milana - Lena/Lana, Mila
    Olga - Olya, Lyalya
    Ruslana - Lana, Rusya
    Sophia - Sonya
    Stanislava - Stasya
    Svetlana - Sveta, Lana
    Tatiana - Tanya

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    Well, I'm biased but I think Erin is a good name I'm always surprised it's not further up the popularity list hehe.

    I also like Orla

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    I LOVE Erin and am surprised it isn't more enduring. I know plenty of Erins born in the 80s/90s, but never meet any little ones! I think Erin & Irina are strongly similar and the Russian nn Ira (ee-ra) could easily be a cute nickname for Erin. I like Erin more than Irene or Irina personally!

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