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    I named my daughter off of the top 1000 and because of that I would most likely stay off the top 500 or so for future daughters. For future sons, John and Francis are favorites, so popularity matters much less. In fact, traditional & simple is what I love in a boy name while whimsical girl names interest me more.

    At the same time Jennifer is an interesting name to bring up because I am crushing on it a lot lately. I think that despite it's popularity in my era it feels refreshing for a baby of today. I think trend cycles are getting shorter & shorter. A lot of 80s & 90s names are sounding good to me and in all things fashion/music/ect 90s nostalgia is trending so Jennifer feels so perfect at the moment.

    I also thing that trendy doesn't only apply to the top names, a lot of trending types of names like word names, nature names, quirky vintage names, ect aren't in the top 10 right now and they don't have the tryndeigh vibe that nameberry hates, but they are trendy in my opinion, cause they're obviously trending right now! So in that way names like Arrow, Magnolia & Hazel feel trendy, cause they are so very right now. They might be rare (rank-wise), but it would be much less shocking to meet an Arrow born yesterday than one born in 1989, cause it's so fitting with 2013 trends. In that way, meeting a girl named Arrow in 2013 born to young/hip parents is less surprising than meeting one named Jennifer despite the rankings of these names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Popularity really bothers me; I'm getting pretty sick of seeing 'OMFG! Beelzebub was given to 2 babies last year! I'm scratching it off the list!' or 'They named her Hannah? What were they thinking? Couldn't they be more original?!' I really couldn't care less about the popularity of my fave names and I do feel a little sad when someone says they're throwing out their all time favourites because a nation-wide list says they're popular. These threads come up a lot, I'll summarise the reasons I always give for not caring:

    - The top names now aren't nearly as popular as they once were- in E&W in 1996, 22% of babies were given a top 10 name. Now it's 13%. So your child will be at least half as likely to meet someone with a popular name than when we were in school.
    - Popular names, trendy or otherwise, will almost always be spelt and pronounced correctly.
    - Just because you didn't like your popular name doesn't mean your child won't.
    - What's wrong with popular? I had a popular biblical name and I didn't mind sharing it. And my two best friends both had exactly the same first/middle combo! None of us cared!
    - Will the world end if you meet someone else with 'your' name?
    - Naming your child Jack doesn't mean they'll become Jack C. Naming your child Yooneek doesn't mean they won't be Yooneek F.
    - Giving your kid a unique name does not make them unique. Likewise, giving them a 'boring' popular name doesn't make them boring. The person makes the name.
    - I'd rather be known & remembered for my personality than for an unusual name.
    - Popular names tend to be 'one size fits all'- I can imagine a Sophie being anyone. But a shy, nerdy guy called Rebel?
    - I look at the top 100 names around the year of my birth and I hardly know any people with those names of any age. Top 100 isn't a death sentence.
    - And yeah, some people just like names that are more unusual. I respect that. I wish that respect came back the other way (pop names tend to get a bashing on here )
    Thank you
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    The reason I shy away from some popular names is simple: boredom. Sophia, Olivia, Aidan and Noah are all great names with meaning and history--two things important to me in a name--but I have simply heard them so many times in the past five years that they bore me now. Not all names are like that; James has been one of my favorite boy's names for years. And I can honestly say, when I meet another little Sophia or Isabella, "What a pretty name!" But there are certain popular names I wouldn't use, even if I think they're pretty/handsome and meaningful, simply because I've grown tired of hearing them.
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    I don't hate popular names, I just can't get excited about them is the issue.

    Like, I think Chloe (which is in the US top 10) is a lovely name. But does it feel special? Not so much.

    For my own children I'll go for names I feel strongly about. The number doesn't matter so much, but I'd bet that the ones I use will be less popular because of what I just explained using Chloe as an example. Certain names stand out more, in a good way.
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    I think Isabella is a beautiful name, and I might use it because it's a name my family does like and has some family importance. I think sentimentality and family definitely trumps popularity.
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