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    I say if it's nice, use it. If Sophia or Ava is The Name, why not?
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    Popularity really bothers me; I'm getting pretty sick of seeing 'OMFG! Beelzebub was given to 2 babies last year! I'm scratching it off the list!' or 'They named her Hannah? What were they thinking? Couldn't they be more original?!' I really couldn't care less about the popularity of my fave names and I do feel a little sad when someone says they're throwing out their all time favourites because a nation-wide list says they're popular. These threads come up a lot, I'll summarise the reasons I always give for not caring:

    - The top names now aren't nearly as popular as they once were- in E&W in 1996, 22% of babies were given a top 10 name. Now it's 13%. So your child will be at least half as likely to meet someone with a popular name than when we were in school.
    - Popular names, trendy or otherwise, will almost always be spelt and pronounced correctly.
    - Just because you didn't like your popular name doesn't mean your child won't.
    - What's wrong with popular? I had a popular biblical name and I didn't mind sharing it. And my two best friends both had exactly the same first/middle combo! None of us cared!
    - Will the world end if you meet someone else with 'your' name?
    - Naming your child Jack doesn't mean they'll become Jack C. Naming your child Yooneek doesn't mean they won't be Yooneek F.
    - Giving your kid a unique name does not make them unique. Likewise, giving them a 'boring' popular name doesn't make them boring. The person makes the name.
    - I'd rather be known & remembered for my personality than for an unusual name.
    - Popular names tend to be 'one size fits all'- I can imagine a Sophie being anyone. But a shy, nerdy guy called Rebel?
    - I look at the top 100 names around the year of my birth and I hardly know any people with those names of any age. Top 100 isn't a death sentence.
    - And yeah, some people just like names that are more unusual. I respect that. I wish that respect came back the other way (pop names tend to get a bashing on here )

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    I love names like Isobel, Elinor and Samantha, that are just too popular for me to use. My own name is usually hovering around the 800-900 section of the charts, so it's rare enough that I haven't met many of "myself." But when I do, I find it rather annoying. As for Isobel, Elinor, Samantha, and others, I would love to see them in a middle slot. Even though I love the alternate spellings of some names (again, Isobel for Isabel, and Elinor for Eleanor) these spellings are still classic, and I don't find them to be tacky.

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    If I really loved a name, I think I would use it regardless of popularity. The only thing that would turn it off for me is if several people I knew (friends, family) had children with the same name.

    But I do have to say when some of the names I like become top 20, I am more reluctant to use them.
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    I grew up where I had 3 Sarah's as friends and 2 Katie's, not to mention the plenty more I knew. I also knew around 5 Emily's and 4 Kelly's.

    For me it's an issue because I don't want my kid to be "just another Sarah." I was the only Diana in my school and it rocked not having to share a name. I now work with a Diana and it does become quite confusing. We use head sets and sometimes people will say "Diana" and if we're both working we always have to ask "which one" so it gets confusing/annoying at times.

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