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  • Clark Sebastian

    9 21.43%
  • Sebastian Clark

    20 47.62%
  • Hawthorne Clark

    8 19.05%
  • Hawthorne Reid

    5 11.90%
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    Narrowing it down!

    So we've been mixing it up a bit with our boys names, but I think we are down to the final contenders.


    in various combinations with other names etc.

    Some of the above first name options are also middle name ideas:
    Middle names: Reid, Sebastian, Clark.

    What combination do people like with our last name Reynolds or none at all?

    I really like Hawthorne. My DH loves the nick name Thor. We both like Sebastian, but aren't keen on the inability to come up with cute nicknames for it (and its a whole lotta name~!) Reid is a family name, but it doesn't feel really right for this baby this time. We both like Clark.

    Due date is in 3 wks! We're getting closer!

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    I voted for Hawthorne Clark, but I love the flow/rhythm of Sebastian Clark (i think its more successful in those terms than hawthorne) I'm a fan of Clark as a mn, and i agree Sebastian seems like a lot of name and there's not a cute nickname i can think of. I love that you both agree on Hawthorne, have a nickname and I tend to see it as soft and handsome.

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    I dislike Sebastian (and its subsequent nicknames), and agree Reid doesn't fit with your chosen names.
    Hawthorne is absolutely amazing, the right combination of solid, strong, classic and unique, and I adore nickname Thor! Hawthorne Clark is by far the best combo. Clark, while stark and strong, just isn't enough for a first name, but is the perfect middle.
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    I prefer Clark as a first name out of the options, but I like the flow of Sebastian Clark.
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    I love this first name the most: Sebastian (I like Bastian as a nn but I think I would use the name in full)

    Best combo as a whole: Sebastian Clark ( a good blend of soft and hard sounds)

    Best first name with your surname: Clark (surprise)! I just think Clark Reynolds sounds like a mystery writer or a private detective.

    I like Hawthorne but I would only use it as a quirky middle name. Since Hawthorne is a surname, I wouldn't pair it with another surname like Reid or Clark. Have you considered Sebastian Hawthorne as a combo?

    So I'm going to have to rate them as follows:

    1 Clark Sebastian
    2 Sebastian Clark
    All the best,

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