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    I think I finally found a name that was too "out there" for me....

    There are plenty of names that are too "out there", but I have never seen most of them in use, so they don't really cross my mind that often. Like, as much as I love Snapdragon for a boy, I know that it has very little real world usability, so it doesn't even make the top 20. That being said, my daughter has a new little friend in her play group named Earthchild (apparently her mn is Antonia). I do think it is quite lovely, however it feels too out there even for me. I have met two other people with "child" names in my life, both are now adults who love their names (Honeychild is in her 50s and Moonchild is 31).

    It's interesting to see people have "weirder" name tastes than me.
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    Hahaha oh dear. Reminds me of two twins I met once named Longtrail and Shorttrail. Simply awful.
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    I think "Earthchild" would be a rather interesting nickname, but never never never as a given name!

    By the way, I think Rosemint is perfectly useable. Certainly a little "strange," but it is nowhere near over-the-top! Rosaminta is an accepted name, and Rosemint is basically the same thing, just a bit simpler.

    Larkspur would also be rather interesting.

    Also, looking at your Boys is rather funny. I know siblings named Aurelia (girl) and Ambrose (boy). You know of the saint? Aurelias Ambrosias (or something like that).
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    I just recently saw a birth annoucement for a little boy named "Eagleboy". I'm with you, I like some weird names, but sometimes they're too much.

    Also, commenting on your guilty pleasure list, I know a little girl named Larkspur. She's Larkspur Anastasia and her brothers Peregrine Tempest. Her mother has asperger's (it's an austism spectrum disorder and they don't tend to have very well developed social skills or understanding). She calls her nothing but Larkspur and insists others do too. She's the second person I've met with this disorder and I read a book by John Elder Robinson who has it and he named his son Cubby.

    So...kind of went off track there, but yea. Earthchild is strange but I do think Larkspur works ^_^
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    I wonder if Earthchild's parents just wanted to ensure mere mortals like us that although they were "strange beings", their issue was an earthling and wasn't a "mutant being" from another planet. Ok, so just call her Antonia then and I'll believe you!
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