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Thread: wdyt of Philo?

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    Mar 2013

    wdyt of Philo?

    I'm kind of liking this lately. My only problem is that i can't seem to separate it from Farnsworth. I say Philo and my head automatically finishes with "Farnsworth."

    But i think i could easily get past that (since that's a positive association for me anyway) and I'm wondering what people would think of a little boy named Philo.

    What would you expect a little Philo to be like? What about a teenager named Philo, and a young adult?
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    Honestly... because someone else might also make this connection somewhere down the line
    As a chef, I can't break the association with Phyllo (or Filo) pastry dough... not sure if children with access to 'food network' would also make this connection.
    (Phyllo is the greek spelling, filo is the british spelling)

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    I have an ancestor named Erastus Philo...a lot of name for a little kid. Philo isn't terrible as a middle name, though.

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    Wow, I Love it! As a teen, I think it would be so cool to meet a Philo! It has an awesome meaning too, for love and freindship and trust. I will be putting this one on my namelist. Awesome!

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    Now I'm dying to make Baklava... I would avoid naming after pastry. You could do Milo, Finn, Gilbert (Gill), Callum (Cal), to name a few.

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