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    Mercedes is a beautiful name and was one long before there was a car!
    Aston is a great boy's name. We knew a Shelby (for the designer) - he was a boy but I could see it on a girl too!

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    Please spell Bently as Bentley, especially if you're naming your child for the car.

    An ex of mine had a friend with a daughter named Chevelle, a la Chevy Chavelle.

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    Kia is the most usable, in my opinion, along with names like Sierra or Aspen that are also real names. There's also Echo, Elantra, and Sonata, though none of these are luxury cars.

    It's not a car, but what about Vespa?
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    That's a very interesting trend to have in a family. I think it's important to keep in mind that the name is also practical.

    Some of my favorite name/cars:

    Audi (I would use it as nickname for Auden or Audrey.)
    Lumina (I like the nn. Mina, Lina, Lulu, Mini. I feel like there's a lot you can do with it. It also feels like a real name for a person.)
    Mercedes (Some people on this message board seem to have forgotten or perhaps they've never known that Mercedes was a name before it was a car.)

    I think it's a lot easier to do with boys names: Bentley, Ford, Lincoln.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corvet View Post
    So car names are common in my family.
    We have a Porsha, Alexus, & Im after a Corvette.
    Boys names seem easier, I love Bently.
    Anyone have any ideas for girl car names?
    LOL. I love Mercedes. I can't imagine naming my child after a car, but Mercedes is a classic long before the car was made.

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