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    I really love Aria! It's always been one of my favorite names and has been getting alot more attention nowadays (which leaves me sitting back saying "...yes, but i loved it even before Pretty Little Liars became popular" lol). I think it's a beautiful, soft, 'wind chimes on a summer day' name that is a sweet alternative to other musical names such as Melody and Cadence.

    Also, for what it's worth, seeng as you are having twins, I always used to love Aria and Capri as twin sister names my family is Italian so it wouldn't have been too out of place..

    Good luck!!
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    Aria doesn't do anything for me. It's trying to be pretty but it sounds bland and lacks substance. Could be well on its way to being trendy and dated, I think.
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    I love Aria and it's more well known now thanks to Pretty Little Liars, so I don't think there will be much issue with pronunciation

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    Hi, my name is Aria. I know lots of people say it lacks substance and it doesn't do anything for them. But as someone with the name, I love it.

    It's pronounced Are-ee-uh (this is the correct, Italian pronunciation). Both my grandmother and father are musicians so my parents were very much aware of its origin and what it means. It also means "lioness" in Hebrew.

    Unfortunately, it is getting SO trendy. Makes me so sad. Yes, it's a beautiful name but it just doesn't deserve to be trendy haha. I hate that it's saddled with Pretty Little Liars (which I find to be a terrible show). Haven't seen Game of Thrones but I absolutely hate how they misspelled it Arya. I don't get the whole replacing i with y, in any name though.

    People pronounce it wrong when they first meet me, but I only have to correct them once and then the right one sticks.

    My family calls me Ari for short. Anyway, I love being named Aria. I constantly get told how beautiful my name is. Those are just my experiences though. Good luck in your name search for your twins!

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    i love it...i grew up playing music. So, that is the reference I think of - a beautiful melody. However, I'm pregnant with a girl, and from the instant I suggested it to my husband - he HATED it. So, I guess that is two opinions for you in one post, lol

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