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    None of these are standouts for me. I agree with Misha on that. I also agree with Misha that you have some great names on the list. All of these are top 1000 names.
    My favorite is Miranda. I see it less on nameberry, and I love it myself. It's Shakespearean and modern and I adore it. It's currently # 213 (in USA) higher than I would have thought.
    I also have Fiona or Vanessa on my favorites list, although I would pick neither today for my top five names.
    I like Zoe and Sierra, and would pick neither for myself.
    I like Audrey and Ivy a little, but probably wouldn't use either.
    I love Lily even though it's super popular (#16). I like better than either Lila or Liliana. I hear Lila in my area for baby girls quite a lot.
    My least favorite is Hazel. I have now posted several times that I see it all the time on nameberry. I have never known a Hazel in real life, but it comes up all the time here. I still wouldn't like this name if it was rare, but I would be more patient if so many people weren't posting about it.
    I like Miranda Ivy or Miranda Audrey.
    All of these names are usable and you should pick what you like.

    Good Luck!

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    My favorites from your list:

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    Favorites: as in I would use these names myself:
    Lila-I love this but I fear it's trendiness
    Liliana-this is my favorite and I love how everyone on nameberry seems to love it despite popularity, BUT for me personally I really dislike that wherever I go I hear "Lily" I figure it has to be closer to number 1 or 2 with all the Lily's, Lillian's, Liliana's, etc.

    maybe: As in I like it on someone elses child
    Sierra-I like it...I just prefer your other choices. thoughts on Sienna?
    Fiona-I love the nn Fia
    Audrey-classy but doesn't wow me

    Vanessa-love the nn Van or Essie though!
    Miranda-mmm abit dated

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    awe... cute that you think the list is long. by NB standards its totally not.

    Hazel - sweet but not magnificent.
    Zoe - j'adore
    Fiona - I really like Fiona it's so clean and fresh.
    Ivy - short, classic and sweet.
    Vanessa - I always find this name awkward and hissy. I'd get rid of it.
    Sierra - nms.
    Liliana - pretty though nms.
    Audrey - no my favorite Au- name. But its connecion with Audrey Hepburn does make it classy and sleek.
    Miranda - I really like it. It's connection to "Tempest" is great.
    Lila - could be a cute nn for Liliana.
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    I like Hazel, Ivy, Zoe and Sierra the others are a little dated or just not my style.

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