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    Which of these stand out the most to you?

    I have been on Nameberry now for quite some time. As a lot of you may know, I post about a lot of different names. It seems like everyday I have a new favorite. My indecisiveness drives me crazy sometimes! Anyway, I wanted to gather them all up into one post and see what everyone's favorites are. I apologize in advance for the long list and yes my naming style is all over the place.

    In no particular order..

    Would love to hear your favorites from my list. Which ones would you eliminate? Any combos that stand out?

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    My favorites are Hazel and Fiona.
    I'd eliminate Vanessa & Sierra (dated), and Ivy & Zoe (too popular).

    Fiona Hazel or Hazel Fiona would be a gorgeous combination.

    Hazel Audrey and Hazel Miranda are also lovely. Fiona Zoe and Fiona Lily are beautiful (most of the names on your list don't work with Fiona because they end in A, and I tend not to like two names in a row with that sound).
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    Liliana, Fiona, and Hazel are my favorites!!! (Even though they're quite popular.) Ivy is okay. I like Zoe sometimes, it depends on who's wearing it.

    I would eliminate Vanessa, Sierra, Audrey, Lila, and Miranda.

    What about Hazel Fiona?
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    I like Lila and Miranda the most but none of these are really my style, not a fan of Sierra and Vanessa.
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    To tell you the truth, I've seen or heard all of these names so much on Nameberry and/or in real life that none of them are "standouts". However, I think you've got some great names on your list.

    I love...

    Zoe - spunky
    Fiona - reminds me of bonnie lassies in Scotland
    Ivy - Zoe's sassy sister
    Vanessa - feminine but the frills aren't overdone
    Audrey - classic and chic
    Miranda - feminine and Shakespearean flair
    Lila - vintage charm

    Not a fan of...

    Hazel -I will be in the minority here! This name makes me think of the TV maid called Hazel.
    Liliana - too frilly
    Sierra - trendy

    Combo Suggestions

    Fiona Hazel
    Audrey Fiona
    Ivy Miranda
    Zoe Vanessa
    Fiona Ivy
    All the best,

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