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    13 38.24%
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    Grayson or Greyson?

    I have been really loving the name Greyson lately and I think I prefer the E spelling but I was just wondering which is more popular on here.
    Also what two middle names would you pair with Greyson?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Either spelling in fine, but I cast my vote for the "a" I guess because I've seen it that way before.
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    I prefer the Grayson spelling. I've never really warmed to the "e" spelling for some reason. Thinking about it, it could have something to do with Tarzan (Greystoke) or the bus company of Greyhound. However, the name has nothing to do with colour. It means "son of the steward" from the English word "greyve".

    From what I've read on spelling, Gray is mainly an American spelling and Grey is used in other English speaking countries. Which means that I should like Greyson more - only I don't! For me, grey is the colour and Gray is a surname so the surname should be Grayson. Go figure.
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    I prefer the Greyson spelling. The "e" just feels softer and looks a lot nicer than Grayson to me, the a just makes it look harsher.

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    Hope I helped some
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    Where do you live? In America, the "gray" spelling is more common, whereas the spelling I'm more familiar with, is the British spelling "grey."
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