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    When we first announced our daughter's name we got a lot of responses like 'interesting' or 'hmmmmm' or just eyebrows up. I love it, we stuck with it, and she suits it completely now. I think Rainer is lovely and goes with your sibset, just smile when people say silly things. Weirdly, some of those same people probably wouldn't have thought it odd if you named a baby Emily and spelled it Emmaleigh or something. I don't know, I can't understand how people are about names sometimes.
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    Yes. I've ranted about our experiences recently.
    Parents' reaction to name - that went about how I expected
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    I love the name Rainer. It's actually one we're considering as a surname, because we're changing ours (I'm about to post about it!) I think the others are right-- it's because the other names are more obviously "names," but Rainer is namey enough to be acceptable.
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    its not that its a 'weird name' its that its a name containing AN EXTREMELY COMMON WORD that people use all the time.

    you have picked a name with an overly obvious word in it. thats whats familiar and thats what people see.

    probably should have gone with the original Reginar or spelled Rainer phonetically depending on how you pronounce it.

    what do you think of when you hear these names?

    Sexton - sex
    Castor - castor oil
    Killian - kill
    Rockwell - rocks

    even if you dont think of them you have to realize that quite a lot of people would, which is why i think its very important not to just ask advice on names and if they like the sound of it, BUT WHAT THEY THINK OF WHEN THEY HEAR IT.

    its something that if it bothers you should be considered when naming a child. plenty of parents dont care and name their baby Messiah like the recent controversy or Effie and are surprise when people think of a curse word or even Emily but hate when the nickname Emmy is used by all the family and friends.

    people are going to hear a name and connect it to their knowledge and their history. if a name sounds like something they've heard before it will be what they associate it with. so if they knew a Rainer in high school who was a bully they'= may always think of the name in a negative way.

    ps how did you get Max out of Magnus?
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    Yes, people come with their own experience and background, but that's no excuse for rudeness, particularly with names of different ethnic origins. I think you've picked wonderful names with good reason behind it.

    It's true the lack of sleep probably isn't helping, but I can totally relate. I live in the UK and named my two Josephine and Caleb and you would be surprised by how many times people have made awkward and negative comments. I sort of understand with Caleb but who would have thought the name Josephine would be received negatively in England!

    All that to say, maybe you've just been unfortunate to have run into some thoughtless, possibly narrow minded people and hopefully the worst is behind you, or at least you get some more sleep to help you laugh it off!

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