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    Feb 2013
    I prefer Harlow Isabel Rose.

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    Apr 2012
    Lila/Layla/Leila/Lyla/Lelia Winter Rose is pretty, not such a huge fan of Harlow, but Isabel is pretty.

    I think I prefer Lyla or Layla though.
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    Aug 2013
    Lila Winter Rose is my choice, but I do like Harlow Isabel too. Between Harlow and Lila, I personally would rather be a Lila.

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    This was hard for me. I LOVE Winter! And I really LOVE the combination of Winter Rose, but I don't like Lila at all. I much prefer Harlow to Lila, but Isabel Rose does nothing for me. So, my vote's for Lila Winter Rose. I don't like Lila, but it's still a beautiful combo! Good luck!
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    Lyla Winter Rose! So pretty.

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