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    Down to top 2! - Which girls name?

    Down to top 2! - Which girls name? Why?

    Harlow Isabel Rose


    Lila (Lyla) Winter Rose

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    Lila hands down (and that spelling). It is just so soft and gentle, with just enough spunk. I prefer Isabel to Winter, though.
    I may be the only one, but when I see or hear Harlow, I think Harlot, not a great image.

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    I like both names, but Harlow feels much more spunkier and refreshing so that would be my pick.
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    I like Lila Isobel
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    Lila Winter Rose 100%. I actually like Lila Isabel Rose better, but Winter's fine too. I don't know, but "Harlow" always reminds me of Harlem. lol
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