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    Australian girl. help us narrow it down...

    Hello berries
    Seeking your help in choosing the right combination for our *maybe* little girl due October. We arent sure of gender but want to love the name. Your feedback and thoughts are most welcome!
    Maple Coco
    Indigo Posy
    Indigo Maple
    Indigo Coco
    Prestyn Harper
    Coco Maple
    Haven Coco
    Milo Clover
    Harper Coco

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    Maple Coco - Maple is growing on my as a first name. It flows well with Coco.
    Indigo Posy, Indigo Maple, Indigo Coco - I find Indigo harsh sounding so I wouldn't use it. I do like India Maple or Indiana Coco.
    Prestyn Harper - Frankly I see Preston as a very masculine name and the y just makes it seem misspelled.
    Coco Maple To me, Coco is a great name for a dog but not such a great name for a baby. It is okay as a middle name. And Maple Coco is so much more beautiful
    Haven Coco - I am not a fan of the Haven. It seems very low class to me.
    Milo Clover - Milo is a boys name and wouldn't be my first choice of girls name ending in o.
    Harper Coco- when I see Harper, I think of harpie - not a nice image.

    My favorite is Maple Coco. I would also like Clover Maple and would consider Marlo Clover and India Maple.
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    Little Milo would constantly get asked if she was a drink mix/breakfast cereal in Australia--please no! (Mila, on the other hand, is super cute!)

    My favorites on your list are Harper and Indigo. Maple, Coco, Prestyn, and Haven just aren't my style. I've always liked Harper despite its growing popularity, and it's the one on your list that seems more feminine and more likely to sort of "fit in" in a classroom. I have seen one or two little girl Indigos running around, and to me it fits in well with the Violets and Scarletts of the world. I also love the nickname "Indy" if you were thinking about using that!

    Indigo Posy is probably my favorite from your list, followed by Harper Coco. =)

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    I agree Mila Clover would be a good combo but politician Clover Moore spoils Clover for me, and as already mentioned Milo is a chocolate drink here. I suggest Mila Posy.

    Harper Maple or Maple Harper would be nice.

    I love Isla and lots of yourchoices would make a good middle name too.
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    Maple Coco - I don't like Coco as a first name, but it flows well with Maple and as a middle name I like it!
    Indigo Posy - I prefer India over Indigo, and I don't like Posy.
    Indigo Maple - India or Indiana Maple?
    Indigo Coco - Not a fan, and not a fan of India or Indiana Coco.
    Prestyn Harper - I don't like Preston as a girls name, to me its a boys name.
    Coco Maple - I prefer Maple Coco. I can deal with Coco as a middle name, but to me it reminds me of a fluffy little white dog.
    Haven Coco - I'm not fond of the name, and like a previous poster said, it does sound low class.
    Milo Clover - Milo is SUCH a cute name, but probably better suited to a nickname. Like another previous poster said, Milo is a staple in Australian cupboards!
    Harper Coco - I wouldn't use Harper myself but I do know a little girl called Harper and I guess it's kind of cute. I couldn't see it on a teenage girl, or a middle aged woman though.
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