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    Help me choose between my old favorite boy names and my new ones?

    [Old]=right [New]=left

    Johann Thorvald [Yo-hahn] or Othello Seraphim?
    Ole Folkward [O-lah] or Franz Alaric?
    Magnus Edgar or Olev Tobias?
    Oleg Paul or Lyle Fenris?
    Hector Wilhelm or Loki Reginald?
    Wolfram Soren [Vohlf-rahm] or Leland Monroe?

    Please justify your choice - this is the only way you could help me. (You don't need to type endless comments for each name.Just a few thoughts).I know this will destroy the fun,but just picking,without justifying,won't be helpful.This is not a name game,I need help with boy names.

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    1. Othello Seraphim. The literary character of Othello in Shakespear's "The Tragedy of Othello" is not a very nice connection, and not a good role model, but I like the name. Could be a deal breaker.
    2. Franz Alaric. I just like the way it is said better than Ole. Ole doesn't seem like a real name, while Franz is a nice German name.
    3. Magnus Edgar. Magnus is a strong and powerful name. The names of kings in Norway and Sweden. Now THAT's a cool connection.
    4. Lyle Fenris. Lyle is a very different style to your other names, but I still love it. I L O V E Fenris. How about Fenris Lyle? That sounds pretty cool
    5. Hector Wilhem. I think Hector is more wearable than Loki. I also don't like the flow of Loki Reginald as much as Hector Wilhelm.
    6. I'm not really drawn to either of these. Leland seems like a strange choice among your others, much more trendy and recent. I think Wolfram will have a hard time with spelling and pronunciation issues.
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    1. Johann Thorvald, though I prefer either Johann Thor or Johann Seraphim. Othello is nice-sounding, but he was a very tragic figure in Shakespeare, and not someone I'd want my child modeled after. I'm unfamiliar with Thorvald, and it's not my favorite. Johann, however, has wonderful musical namesakes like Bach (both of them), Beethoven and Pachelbel.
    2. Franz Alaric. Ole looks like the slang word for "old," Folkward looks silly. Though my association of Franz is Franz Ferdinand, the Austrian archduke whose assassination was the straw-breaking event that launched WWI. Franz Alaric flows nicely, though, and Franz Kafka is a good carrier of the name.
    3. Magnus Edgar. I like Magnus, though it is dramatic, and Edgar reminds me of the awesome Edgar Allan Poe. Not a fan of the other option.
    4. Oleg Paul...only because I dislike Lyle and Fenris. I worry about Oleg's translation into English, it's much better in Slavic tongues. Paul seems a little boring, compared to your other names.
    5. Hector Wilhelm, though I much prefer Wilhelm Hector. Loki and Reginald are very different styles, and don't flow. Oleg Loki is a cool idea, though.
    6. Tie. Wolfram Soren: while, being Dutch, I completely understand your pronunciation of Wolfram, I fear that in America, Britain, etc., it will be continuously mispronounced. For this reason, I'd choose Soren Wolfram, particularly since I'm not especially drawn to Wolfram. Leland Monroe: very...presidential. Leland Stanford (while not a president, gives off a very upper-class, leader-like vibe) and James Monroe are called to mind. Doesn't really fit in with your other names.
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    Johann Thorvald [Yo-hahn] or Othello Seraphim? - Johann wasn't a wife killer in a Shakespeare play. Othello sounds nice but he's nots not a great role model. What about Johann Seraphim?

    Ole Folkward [O-lah] or Franz Alaric? - Ole may be mispronouned as "ollee" and "Folkward" is odd. Franz should be ok. I like the Dutch spelling Frans a little better.

    Magnus Edgar or Olev Tobias? - Magnus is strong. Olev not so much. I love Tobias more than Edgar though.

    Oleg Paul or Lyle Fenris? - The only associations I have of these names are fashion designer Oleg Cassini and singer Lyle Lovett. I'll choose Oleg although I'm not crazy about any of the names.

    Hector Wilhelm or Loki Reginald? - Hector is more usable than Loki. I wouldn't want by son named after a trickster god and I don't think Loki would age well.

    Wolfram Soren [Vohlf-rahm] or Leland Monroe? - Leland is a "softer" choice and I prefer this type of name more. I don't like many "Wolf" names and your "v" pronunciation makes it even more unattractive in sound.
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    1. Johann Thorvald. Othello Seraphim feels pretentious.
    2. I love Franz Alaric! Ole Folkward [O-lah] sounds awkward to me.
    3. Magnus Edgar or Olev Tobias - I'm torn on this one. I think Olev Tobias flows a bit better.
    4. I prefer Oleg Paul. I don't really like Lyle or Fenris.
    5. Like Loki but not Reginald. Hector Wilhelm is very handsome.
    6. Wolfram Soren or Leland Monroe - I know a Lee Monroe, but I think Wolfram Soren is more intriguing.
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