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    Help Me Narrow it Down, Baby Due in Less Than 1 Month

    So, placing most emphasis on first name, then middle name, then how it flows with last name, please pick favorites. In other words please don't get technical and use stilted naming "rules". Please simply decide what you like the sound of and think a girl could be happy with in the USA.

    1. Mayuri Skye Virma (my-oo-ree)
    2. Mayuri Eleanor Virma

    3. Diana Karthayini Virma (kar-they-inee)
    4. Diana Lorien Virma (Lorien is from Tolkien and YES I'm a huge fan)

    5. Lilou Satyana Virma (leeloo)

    6. Hermione Satya Virma (if you don't know how to pronounce hermione, well, gosh, it's her-my-un-ee)

    7. Mayani Willow Virma (my-inee)

    Also, are any of these too self indulgent for a baby girl growing up in the USA in your opinions? For example, I just like the name Hermione and don't get in to Harry Potter. Mayani is a name I made up in homage, but it is based on sanskrit and legit as an indian name. I'm American of European descent and DH is from North India. Coming up with names is not easy and several of these are sanskrit.
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    Diana Lorien Virma or Mayuri Eleanor Virma. Like Lilou, dislike Satyana.
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    Thanks, ironically those are my two favorites this week also:-) DH likes Mayuri the best for sure, but I am still attached to Diana Lorien so it might be the one also. His grandmother's name was Satya but I don't think it flows with Virma or the other names.

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    Top 3 (in order)

    Mayuri Eleanor Virma
    Mayani Willow Virma
    Diana Lorien Virma

    Sanskrit names are often beautiful, I'd consider you lucky!
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    Thanks! I love many sanskrit names but the pronunciation has been a problem and I've had to nix most of them.

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