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    Cool Carefree 2 Usable Hippie Names

    I know we've had threads before covering hippie names, but those were more like games. I really am discovering how much I like names that could be considered carefree or "Hippie" that either have nature connotations or musical ones, or just have really bouncy, playful sounds to them. Problem is I don't know that many.

    Super hippie names I like:

    • Chrysanthemum - I've always loved this name, since I was a young girl. They're beautiful flowers with a sunny aura.
    • Zen - Love this for a boy. It would really make sense with the guy I'm with.
    • Rain - Love this for a boy; rain always relaxed me and fascinated me.
    • Poppy/Posy - Very cute and playful.
    • Indigo - Like the sounds of this name, especially the nn Indie or Indio. I kinda like this more for a boy. Plus it makes sense with the guy I'm with.
    • Gypsy - I like its adventurous, boundless, fearless meaning. Its very Bluesy to me, and I love that. But I don't think I have the right to use it, since it would be seen as a slur to some and can be considered cultural appropriation.
    • Andromeda - Chic & adventurous. I like the nickname Andie, but I don't think it gives the full name justice.

    Names that could be considered hippie (I guess?), but are more usable:

    • Zoe - I've always loved this name, and it really means a lot to me. Is it silly it was my most beloved dog's name?
    • Sunniva - Love this name, especially the Sunny feeling as well as its exotic feel. I also like the Scandinavian connection (I'm Swedish and love Norse mythology).
    • Ramona - Its edgy and hip, but its not my most favorite.
    • Nanami - Love this; its different, chic, with great sounds. I could actually use this, as the guy I'm with is half Asian, his step-mom & half-brothers are Japanese.
    • Felix - I used to really like this name. I still think its cool, and I like the meaning a lot. I don't like the nn possibilities, though.
    • Sansa - Very beautiful and exotic.
    • Laszlo - Playful and unique.
    • Wynona - Its bouncy but not as awesome as Nanami.
    • Aurora / Ora - It's a beautiful name, but its not as unique as the others. I like Ora better.
    • Margo - Its edgy and hip like Ramona, but I like the sound better, as well as the meaning.
    • Mylo - Very sweet, caring, and adventurous. It has the same feel to me as Rain or Zen.

    And names that I'm not sure whether they'd be considered hippie/out there, or whatever:

    • Philomena - One of the most beautiful names I've ever seen. Its magical and legendary, but also earthy, to me.
    • Sebastian - Adventurous and strong, but also kind and thoughtful.
    • Titus - Same as Sebastian, but I like the way it sounds more. I like the nickname Ty.

    I have no idea. My favorites in particular are in bold.

    What are some names you think are considered
    1. Carefree & Definitely Hippie
    2. Can be Hippie, but are usable

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    aurora- autumn- ashwyn- bambi- bernadette- calliope- emmalou- henriette- indigo- ione- january- lark- leela- llewellyn- lydia- marnie- molly- narnia- noelle- oralee- penelope- philomena- rain- raven- roxy- ruby- snow- tessa- thora- waverly- willow- winter- wren- zoe | abel- aesop- angus- banjo- bartholomew- bear- bruce- burkley- darwin- elliot- finn- flynn- foster- henry- indigo - knox - laszlo - lyle - navy - nemo - noah - otis - oakley - rainn - thatcher - thomas - thompson - titus - zen

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    Chrysanthemum - Very sunny name. I like Crisanta (which is related) too. And Chrysanthe.
    Zen - I don't really like this unless you're Buddhist? Feels a bit... Pier 1 Imports to use for no reason, iykwim. But if it relates to your spirituality that's fine. I do like Zane and Zev and Zvi and find short Z names very appealing.
    Rain - I love this too, but tend to think of it for a girl. I like it as a middle name, it's much fresher than other one-syllable names like Grace or James.
    Poppy/Posy - I like Posy, I don't like Poppy. Posy I like as a nickname, too, for Mariposa or Josephine.
    Indigo - I like this a lot. I do think of the flowers as much as the colour - wild indigo is a very beautiful plant. I like it for a girl, don't hit me!
    Gypsy - Creeps me out as a given name, sorry.
    Andromeda - I love this. It's on my list too! But while my husband likes Andi, I like Rommie.

    Zoe - I like Zara and Xanthe more. But Zoe does have a beautiful meaning, "life." I do like a couple other names that mean that more, though, like Viveca, Vivien, and Asha.
    Sunniva - This is really pretty.
    Ramona - I adore this but I can't use it, which makes me sad. It's really lovely.
    Nanami - I prefer Naomi.
    Felix - I like Felix a lot, but as far as "happy" names for boys, I like Asher and Isaac more.
    Sansa - I think of Game of Thrones and that character was a bit of a nitwit, at least in the books.
    Laszlo - Prefer Lazarus or Lazar.
    Wynona - The Winona spelling looks better to me. Very cute. I have an issue with y's in the middle of names unless absolutely necessary.
    Aurora / Ora - I do like Aurora, but I don't find it particularly hippie. I like a lot of mythology/goddess names.
    Margo - I like the spelling Margot or Margaux better. I know the Nameberry blurb on Margaux is very dismissive but I've found French speakers who disagree and find it a valid variant.
    Mylo - Not a big fan but a lot of Berries love it. Prefer Miles.

    And names that I'm not sure whether they'd be considered hippie/out there, or whatever:

    Philomena - Pretty. I know somebody who has a baby by this name. The mother is, yes, a bit of a hippie.
    Sebastian - A bit popular to feel hippie to me, I knew too many for that alternative feel. Still a nice enough name. I love Samson more, but my husband loves Sebastian.
    Titus - I like Ty, but not Titus. Makes me think of Titus Andronicus.

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    Quite a few of my favorite names are on this little list: Zen {b}, Poppy, Indigo {b}, Nanami, Felix, Sansa, Sebastian.

    I also really like these names mentioned - Rain, Andromeda, Sunniva, Ramona, Laszlo, Winona, Margo, & Philomena.

    Edit: Forgot suggestions/more ideas:

    Rui - (ROO-ee) ; it has the spunk of names like Rue and Zoe, is foreign, but not too hard to wrap one's head around sound wise. Means "gem life"
    Suzume - Japanese, means "sparrow!" Plus Suzu is a cute and snappy nn.

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    Aw yay! Sunniva and Chrysanthe are both on my shortlist for bub due in 4 weeks. I love the energy and optimistic feel that comes with this style of naming!

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    From your list, I love Zen and Rain though I think Rain is rather feminine. I also really like Zoe and Milo. I don't think of Philomena, Sebastian, or Titus as carefree, earthy or hippy. They are nice names but not of the same style as the others in your post (Titus would be closes.). A sibling set of Chrysanthemum and Philomena would strike me as odd as would a sibset of Zen and Sebastian.

    Girls names I like in the carfee, hippe style.

    Blythe. I can definitely see a sibset of Zen and Blythe.
    Wren. This nature name makes me think of lightness and soaring.
    Eden. I think of gardens and happiness.
    Willow - a beautiful tree but a bit haunting.

    Boys names I like in the carefree, hpie style

    River - I think of going with the flow.
    Pax - means peace. Zen and Pax would make for nice brother names.
    Asher - means happy.
    Jay - light, flight, happy.
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