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    Cool Carefree 2 Usable Hippie Names

    I know we've had threads before covering hippie names, but those were more like games. I really am discovering how much I like names that could be considered carefree or "Hippie" that either have nature connotations or musical ones, or just have really bouncy, playful sounds to them. Problem is I don't know that many.

    Super hippie names I like:

    • Chrysanthemum - I've always loved this name, since I was a young girl. They're beautiful flowers with a sunny aura.
    • Zen - Love this for a boy. It would really make sense with the guy I'm with.
    • Rain - Love this for a boy; rain always relaxed me and fascinated me.
    • Poppy/Posy - Very cute and playful.
    • Indigo - Like the sounds of this name, especially the nn Indie or Indio. I kinda like this more for a boy. Plus it makes sense with the guy I'm with.
    • Gypsy - I like its adventurous, boundless, fearless meaning. Its very Bluesy to me, and I love that. But I don't think I have the right to use it, since it would be seen as a slur to some and can be considered cultural appropriation.
    • Andromeda - Chic & adventurous. I like the nickname Andie, but I don't think it gives the full name justice.

    Names that could be considered hippie (I guess?), but are more usable:

    • Zoe - I've always loved this name, and it really means a lot to me. Is it silly it was my most beloved dog's name?
    • Sunniva - Love this name, especially the Sunny feeling as well as its exotic feel. I also like the Scandinavian connection (I'm Swedish and love Norse mythology).
    • Ramona - Its edgy and hip, but its not my most favorite.
    • Nanami - Love this; its different, chic, with great sounds. I could actually use this, as the guy I'm with is half Asian, his step-mom & half-brothers are Japanese.
    • Felix - I used to really like this name. I still think its cool, and I like the meaning a lot. I don't like the nn possibilities, though.
    • Sansa - Very beautiful and exotic.
    • Laszlo - Playful and unique.
    • Wynona - Its bouncy but not as awesome as Nanami.
    • Aurora / Ora - It's a beautiful name, but its not as unique as the others. I like Ora better.
    • Margo - Its edgy and hip like Ramona, but I like the sound better, as well as the meaning.
    • Mylo - Very sweet, caring, and adventurous. It has the same feel to me as Rain or Zen.

    And names that I'm not sure whether they'd be considered hippie/out there, or whatever:

    • Philomena - One of the most beautiful names I've ever seen. Its magical and legendary, but also earthy, to me.
    • Sebastian - Adventurous and strong, but also kind and thoughtful.
    • Titus - Same as Sebastian, but I like the way it sounds more. I like the nickname Ty.

    I have no idea. My favorites in particular are in bold.

    What are some names you think are considered
    1. Carefree & Definitely Hippie
    2. Can be Hippie, but are usable

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