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    I'm torn between this style and I guess you would call it "classic, older style" my short list for this bub so far is:
    1. Asta - Greek meaning star like love
    2. Sunniva - Scandinavian. Meaning "sun gift" - Irish Saint.
    3. Faye - French baby name. meaning Fairy. Confidence; trust; belief.
    4. Lola - As a female name, Lola is a diminutive form of Dolores which means sorrow.
    - As a Sanskrit male name, Lola [lo-luh] means "moving to and fro"
    - Lola is also the Pilipino word for grandma.
    5. May - English origin, and the meaning of May is "the fifth month". The month of May was named for Maia, the Roman earth goddess. Also a short form of the names Matthew and Mary. Also a Sanskrit word meaning "illusion".

    Lola, May and Faye are family names from the early 1900's.

    Combinations I like at the moment are:
    - Asta Sunniva Van Vliet.
    - Sunniva Faye Van Vliet.
    - Lola May Van Vliet.

    Her sisters name is Penny-Lee Van Vliet.

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