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    cosleeping with baby, anyone elses experience?

    So since my daughter was born I needed her within arms reach just so I can watch her sleep & wake up if she instantly moved. I ebf, & within the first month started sleeping we with her in bed (bad bad, I know), shes a now 4 months. Although I know I should be putting her in her crib so she can be safer & get used to it I still continue our nightly routine. She passes out instantly & sleeps all night & im right there if zhe even attemps to wake up.

    Im worried about her starting to roll & eventually crawl though, I have a big bed high off the ground. Even though I plan to try & get her in the crib had anyone comtiued cosleeping into & passed the phase of crawling babies in bed?

    How did it turn out, what did you do? Also any suggestions for getting baby to sleep in crib without you?

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    Cosleeping isn't "bad bad" and is actually safer than crib sleeping (reduced risk of SIDS) if done properly (no excess bedding, firm mattress, parents aren't on medications or alcohol or overly exhausted).

    I started cosleeping with my daughter when she was like a month old. I also have a high mattress. Idk what I'm going to do when she begins to roll, many people I know put their mattress on the floor for a while, or even get a mattress for the nursery floor for a while. We also might get a guard rail for our bed, I'd like to know what other momberries did.

    You could get one of those cosleeper bed attachments, but our room layout doesn't make that feasible so I don't know much about them, like if they'd fit a larger baby.

    Eta: I always put my daughter in her bassinet for the first stretch of sleep. She had been sleeping "through the night" from 9-4 and then I'd bring her to bed and we'd sleep til 7. Now she's waking at 2, though, so we cosleep from 2-7. At whatever age she sleeps through the whole night, that's when we'll stop cosleeping, and I don't think the transition will be too rough
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    I'm sorry, but if you think co-sleeping is "bad bad" then why are you doing it? Co-sleeping can be done safely, but only in a controlled environment. I understand wanting your baby to be nearby, but can't you have her sleeping in a cot in your room? She would be safe and you would avoid co-sleeping problems.
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    We co-sleep with our daughter, but I've got her in a co-sleeper, so she's safe. It's like a cot, with walls on three sides, and she's very close by (the co-sleeper is called arm's reach).

    I started a co-sleeping thread ages ago, you can find it HERE. Lots of advice and experiences.
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    "Cosleeping isn't "bad bad" and is actually safer than crib sleeping (reduced risk of SIDS) if done properly (no excess bedding, firm mattress, parents aren't on medications or alcohol or overly exhausted)."

    ^This. Co-sleeping is perfectly safe when done responsibly. That includes bed-sharing, although there are plenty of other co-sleeping options if you don't want to bed-share.
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