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    Pronouncing Megan

    So today I was watching a youtube vlog by a girl named Lindsey, who has a sister named Megan.
    I realize we pronounce Megan differently.
    I've always said Megan as MAY-gen, and Meg as MAY-g
    She says Mehg-en, with a short e, and Meg the same way (w/o the -en, obviously)
    How weird am I, right? Is this a regional thing?
    How do you pronounce Megan? What is your general location (if you feel comfortable sharing)? South? East Coast? Mid-West? England or Australia or where ever else you berries might be?
    Lol, It's been driving me insane to think about!

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    I say (and have heard) it both ways. The soft e pronunciation seems to be a bit more prevalent in the US, and you know, I've not heard the name very much in other places.

    I've never heard Meg pronounced with a hard a, though. Only ever with the soft E. Even if that person pronounced Megan as MAY-ghen.

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    I'm in Texas. I pronounce Megan as "mehg-en" and Meagan as "may-gen".
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    Growing up in Britain all the Megan's I knew were Welsh and pronounced it 'Meg-Ann' or Meg-uhn, I only encountered the Meee-gahn pronunciation on American TV.

    Now I know some Australians who say one and some the other!
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    Megan = meh-gin
    Meg = mehg

    Location: Washington State, US

    *Though, with my accent, may vs. meh isn't all that different. I'm still not even sure if you'd think I was saying ay or eh?
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