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    For me, my interest in baby names started in grade 8. I had to take care of an egg like it was a baby for one of my assignments and once my friend drew eyes on my "baby" I felt that it was appropriate to give her a name! And so, Brianna Noel was born! Unfortunately, Brianna didn't have a very long life, she "died" when I accidentally dropped her on the sidewalk when leaving from school... So shortly after, Brianna's sister Jenna was born (I don't think I gave her a middle name) My friend named her "baby" Penelope, which I thought was an unusual name at the time (I don't think it's unusual, but still not particularly fond of it). I feel that for the most part, my baby naming taste has stayed the same!
    19 year old bookworm, dreamer, eternal optimist, social butterfly, university student, and future elementary school teacher who has a passion for life and a interest in baby names.

    Current Favourites:
    Gentlemen: Carson, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Jordan, Ryder.
    Ladies: Olivia, Paige, Claire, Ella, Sierra.

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    Oh yes: I wanted 3 girls (like most 10 year old girls) and their names were to be

    Katherine (Kate)
    And Isabelle.
    No clue where I got them!!


    Clara Lily, Rose Madeleine, Belle (need mn), Tessa Charlotte. Lucy, Emma, Elsa, Maggie, Lena, Lily, Leah, Lila, Ella, Aria, Annabel, Ivy, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Talia
    Seth Alexander, James (need mn), William Samuel. Luke, Caleb, Leo, Liam, Samuel, Jacob.
    Loving life, God, my family, my friends, books, writing, the ocean and volleyball!
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    Rose & Lily. Apparently I was going to have twin girls and call them that (since age 3?) They are pretty names, though they feel a little stale now.
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    My first name was Isabella . about 4 yrs ago{ I think } when i first read twilight . I still adore this name .

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    Sadie (She had a middle that I can't for the life of me remember)
    Declan Avery
    Caleb Atticus

    Sadie left my list for five-six years but is now back. The rest I'm not feeling so much.

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