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    I remember really loving Charlotte and Eleanor. I was a typical girly girl and only wanted 3 girls. The third would have been Lillian nn Lily or Libby. The first boys name I really liked was John(all my teddies were called John and I suggested it as a name for my youngest brother). When I was a bit older I loved Zachary nn Zac and Max.

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    Olin and Mirielle

    I was convinced that I would name my son Olin and a girl Mirielle.

    My husband finally told me that Olin sounds like a word in Tagalog (his language) that he would rather not use (body part).
    Mirielle is still on our list - but drat the popularity of -elle- names these days!!!

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    I started to pick out names when I was 11. I found a website with a forum and the hobby kind of turned into a passion. I would post on Baby Names World everyday and developed the oddest taste in names. I still remember a few.

    I was absolutely convinced at the age of 11 I would have a little girl named Reighn. Then when I started researching more, I quickly threw that one out.

    Alice Galatea Primrose
    Poet Antigone Fairaday (this one still baffles me!)
    Lilia Persephone Ruth

    Elijah Matteo (don't remember the other middle name)
    Rowan Alexander
    Aubrey something

    Crazy child I was! Now at 21 I like more simple names. I love Hattie Eloise and Maisie Violet and Stella Caroline.

    By the way, I know a 5 year old Lily Anna.

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    My first favorite names were Sadie, Declan Avery, Caleb Atticus, etc. Sadie actually feel off my list for five years or so and is now back on it. Declan has gotten too popular and Caleb is too blah to me. Nothing I hate though.

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    As a kid I always wanted a daughter to name Magazine, nn Maggie.
    Who knows.

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