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    Amanda, Amalie & Jamie/James (boy). Then all of my barbies would have different names! I had Ashley, Måne (Moon) and other crazy names. I think I even had a Sol (Sun!)
    Stepmother to
    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Smilla (6-5-09), Noah (29-5-10), Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & Alex (18-12-14)

    Loved names
    Henry Oliver | Laurel Maria | Ianto Lior | Bobbie Frances | Cecil Oswald |

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    Apr 2011
    Yup - for a girl, Star, Darlene and Christina.
    For a boy - Gerald, Michael and Richard.

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    When I first fell in love with names (at 7ish, I'm 15 now), I had:

    Jacob nn Jake
    Tyler nn Ty

    And the only one I would actually use these days is Tyler, without the nickname Ty. Jacob is nice, but I can't see myself actually using it.

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    As a toddler, I absolutely adored Molly, and named every single doll I ever owned "Molly Dolly". There was also: Will (William), Jenny (Jennifer), Alex (Alexander), Babe (Sebastian), Lila, Selby, Sage, Madison, Skye, and Percy (Perseus).
    G: Sawyer, Clementine, Evangeline, Natalie, Hazel, Saiorse, Stella, Wren (Birdie), Bianca, Melody, Roux, Olive, India Scout, Minerva, Delilah, Daisy, Darcy, Clio, Junia, Pfeifer, Kate, Mary Claire, Violet, Fiona, Ella, Poppy
    B: Balthasar, Basil, Ezekiel, Reuben, Sebastian, Finnian, Eric, Dean, Wallace (Wally), Zephyr, Cecil, Lysander, Schuyler, Nico
    Girl Groups: Clementine, Mary Claire, Stella
    Boy Bands: Balthasar Alexander, Cecil, Basil
    Twin Teams: Luna and Linus

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    As a little girl playing with my dolls/barbies I had a tendency to name the girls after my friends...
    So there was Rachel and Amanda always.
    Didn't have boys name right away...
    Then I added, Jane, and Lily to the mix.
    I also liked Carson, and Carter.
    When I saw the movie ClubHouse Detectives I fell in love with the name Kade. Then eventually Kaden..and Kane, Kale.
    I also liked Joshua.
    For girls I started using Katelyn, Kaylee, Kylee, Hailey, and Kayla, Callie...names like that...

    I am impartial to Rachel.
    Despise the names Kaylee, Kylee, Hailey, Kayla..etc.
    Think Callie is okay. I actually quite like Katelyn, but it is my little sisters name.
    Jane is okay, kinda bland. Joshua, I like as well, but it is so common.
    Carson and Carter I like, but would probably never use..especially not together. I actually just met a family with Carson, Carter, and Carden, Confusing if you ask me.
    Love Kade, not Kaden. Kane and Kale are okay.
    Love Lily. I always have though Jake and Lily would be the perfect sibset or twins! The two are inseparable in my mind.

    Today, for girls I like names like Achaia, Aria, Etta Mae, Eliana...etc
    And little boys...I am partial to Liam, Huck, Foxx, and Thor...but of course the list is endless for both...

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