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    Choosing your future child's name :: question

    When you're choosing your future child's name do you strictly go by name (origin, meaning, family name etc) or do you create an image in your head of what type of little boy or girl would wear that name?

    For example we are currently deciding between Alder and Casper. I can't help but imagine a handsome little man named Alder who is soft, gentler then most little boys, quiet and on the nerdier side. I compare him to the super cute, charming and outgoing Casper who has a big heart. Obviously these descriptors have no basis and I have no idea what our future child will be like.. I really wish they could go nameless for awhile until we have a good grasp of who these little individuals will be... I know he/she will grow into their name and whatever we choose will feel right. Perhaps I am over thinking this?!

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    I think it's probably a little bit of both. Unless you're adopting, the child will have a lot of your genes, so that gives some indication of what his/her personality may be like. I would certainly take that into account.

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    I definitely think it's important to consider the type of person your child is likely to become. Obviously we can't know specifics but, for example, I know if I had a child there's a very good chance (based on my husband and my inclinations) that they'd love books, be a bit introverted, probably be rather nerdy, be overly opinionated, and have a passion for learning. There are a lot of names that really don't fit that picture in my head. For example, I can't imagine a boy named Jett or a girl named Daffodil with that description.

    So, I guess I'm going about it in the opposite direction to you. Rather than saying, this is the description of this name I imagine and can I imagine my kid being like that, instead I'm saying 'this is how I imagine my kid and what names do I think would fit that'.
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    I see what you're saying, I guess my husband and I (as well as family) are borderline the two descriptors // both at times can be quiet, soft and nerdy while other times crave attention and spotlight (whether its by choice of clothing or being outgoing) like to flirt and be charming. I am not one or the other rather both .. So I could see our child going either way... We tend to be a little more "alder" but both our fathers and at least one of our siblings would be more "Casper" so ya.. It's not so easy to assign I guess.

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    Well I'm just a teenager, but I would go with both for myself. I don't know half the meanings of the names I like, I normally go by sound. The only reason I wouldn't use a name I loved was if it had a terrible meaning.
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