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    I used to make yearbooks with kids I would cut out of newspaper ads and magazines (when I was little, like around 7) and all I remember was that I gave kids names like Auri'Anna, Jaelyn, and Traverse. I think my name taste has definitely matured now.
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    I distinctly remember naming my dolls Heidi, Greta, Genevieve, and Coco when I was around 5 years old. I actually still like Greta (as a nn for Margaret) and Genevieve now.
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    I wanted to name my future kids Luke and Leia.
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    When I was about nine, I fell in love with the name Jessica Renae. I thought it was the most beautiful name ever, though now it sounds quite dated. After that I loved Elizabeth because it was my babysitter's name, and I still love it and would use it.

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    When I was younger I would always either be reading or writing stories (which is still pretty much my life!).

    My favorite names back then (AKA from about 3rd -7th grade) were:

    Peter & Lucy (From the Chronicles of Narnia)
    Rose (From Doctor Who)
    Arwen & Eowyn (From Lord of the Rings)
    Maria (From The Little White Horse)
    Charlie and Will (The names of two of my neighbours)

    There are quite a few more but those are some of the main ones. I am only fifteen though, so I suppose my tastes are still developing
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