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    Vera Elizabeth is really sweet and pretty! I've never met a Vera of any age IRL. Elizabeth is one of my favourite names so I love seeing it as either a first or middle. Both Vera and Veralyn make me think of Vera Lynn, but I love the connection- she's one of my favourite singers.
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    Vera Elizabeth is a gorgeous name, and i don't make the Vera Wang association at all.

    I don't like Veralyn. Vera is lovely, though!
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    Vera is not that popular of a name; I've never met one (though I am familiar with both designers, Wang and Bradley), and I sincerely doubt more than one little Vera will be running around your daughter's preschool. Vera and Lynn have very different styles, and I don't like them together at all. Vera Elizabeth on its own is very lovely; if you like it as a nickname, I suggest Severa or Verona (Veronica is also a possibility, though that one's not my favorite). I know in the Netherlands, it's a popular nickname for Guinevere.
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    what about verena, still like vera more? But thanks everyone,i kinda agree about lyn its over used anyways. . I didnt know that about guinevere, but I can see it! How do yas view vera overall?

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    I like Vera! I have actually never met one and I can't imagine there being more than one in her school. Vera Elizabeth is gorgeous! Very sweet and sophisticated with a touch of vintage charm I'm not crazy about Veralyn, it seems trendy to me and takes away some of Vera's charm. If i were to make Vera a compound name I would hyphenate it and do something like Vera-Mae, Vera-Grace, Vera-Rose, Vera-Rue, Vera-Ruth, Vera-Anne, Vera-Jean, Vera-Joy, Vera Faith, or Vera-Jane. Or you could just name her Vera Elizabeth and call her something like Vera-Beth, Vera-Liz, Vera-Bess, Vera-Belle, or Vera-Lil. Or you could have Vera be the second part of a compound name like Mary-Vera.
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