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    Smith for a first name?

    What are everyone's thoughts on Smith for a first name? I'd say it definitely fits with my other boy names, I'm definitely a fan of surnames and also "cowboy"/"country" names. I would love to hear others' thoughts. Also curious if anyone has any middle name suggestions? I'm not really sure what to pair with it, probably something a little more traditional.

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    Thoughts anyone?

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    I like it. It's manly and pretty unique as a first name.

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    Many surnames are fine for first names. However, I'm not sure why anyone would choose THE most common English surname on the planet from all of the abundant choices. It's bland, common and boring. Sorry but I've heard people with the last name Smith curse it far too many times not to think otherwise. If it's a family name, I would use it in the middle spot.
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    Makes me think of Sex and the City. I'm not a big fan. I don't mind surnames as first names but Smith is so common, and it's basically the quintessential boring name.

    I also feel like a boy named Smith would have a lot of admin hassles - people assuming Smith was his surname - although this might depend on how ambiguous your surname is.

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