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    Help with boy names, please.

    I am expecting a little boy in January. (hooray!)

    So far my husband and I like the names Nolan, Alexander, and Edwin. Do you like or dislike any of these names? Any suggestions that may be similar to these?

    We want classy, timeless, and the name must have a solid meaning.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions & help.

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    My vote is for Edwin = ).

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    Thank you! My husband came up with that one, at first I was like 'no, no - not Edwin. He might get called Ed or Eddie!' but it is actually growing on me. I like all three, but Edwin and Nolan are my top faves. I actually had never heard the name Nolan until a few years ago when I had a dream that I had a little boy named Nolan and ever since then I liked it.

    I love Alexander because it is so strong but it's also SUPER popular and my husband has reservations about it being a top ten name.

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    I'd also go with Edwin. It is similar to Ewen which I love.

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    I would LOVE to see Nolan used! Alexander is far too popular for my taste but would make a great middle name. I neither like nor dislike Edwin--though I do like Eddie! Other ideas that might appeal to you:


    Good luck, and congratulations!

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