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    At this point I wouldn't change it. You could either call her by her middle name or a nickname. Also, Mary Elizabeth is very plain and Vera Elizabeth is hard to say.
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    Change it. I know 2 people who have done this in similar situations, and are much happier. You won't be able to wait much longer or she'll start recognizing her name.

    If you decide not to change it, you could use a variant of Elizabeth as her nickname...Eliza, Lily, Betty, etc.
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    If you "agreed" to it, I'm assuming there is a partner involved. How do they feel?
    I think the best solution would be to use a version of Elizabeth as the nn: Ellie, Lizzie, Eliza, Lily, Beth, Libby, Liddy, Ella or just Elizabeth. If you don't have a co-parent involved, than I suppose it doesn't hurt to change the name, but I would do it very quickly before she gets much older.

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    I changed my daughter's name when she was a few weeks old. It was hard because my DH (we weren't together at the time - and I wasn't sure he would even be in my baby's life) was the one who was pushing me to change her name, and my family was pushing me to keep her name. In the end, she has the name my now DH loves, but to tell you the truth I still don't 100% absolutely LOVE her name all of the time. My biggest problem is that I love names and I am always finding new ones to replace my old loves, so when I find a new name I think "I should have named her that" :P

    From what I know, most babies don't recognize their names until at least 6 months. So if you do change it, I would do it quickly. Also, you should consider that it may be quite the process legally and financially depending on where you live. We started the legal process about 7 months ago and are still in the waiting period of getting her new birth certificate. It ended up not costing us a ton of money, however I know it can cost hundreds of dollars depending on your location. Also, in some places you have to go in front of a judge and state why you are changing the name in order for it to be approved. Then there is the hassle of changing her name on her medical records, health insurance, daycare, etc. As well as explaining to everyone you know their new name. You have to be patient with those people who can't seem to remember her new name, those who are upset by it, or those people with mean comments about how her old name was better, etc.

    It may just be easier to call her by Elizabeth or by a nickname. You could always call her something based on Auriana such as Ana, Annie, Ari, etc. I know a girl who goes exclusively by her middle name and no one questions it or thinks its strange. These are just my opinions - good luck with the decision!
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