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    change the name or you will regret it. i love adrienne, esmerie, french names

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    Quote Originally Posted by corvet View Post
    Hes out of the picture, he was the one pushing so badly for auriana that I figured if he loved it I can try to learn to love it. After all my pregnancy he argued any name I could think of & then he says a week after her he doesnt want & never did want to be a father & basicly took off - which just added more to the fact I already ddisliked it now it reminds me of him on top of it! My mother is the only other closest person to us now.. what do you think of renaming a child though? I cant get over the thought that its not practical.
    this guy did you a favor so she did not bond with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomaura226 View Post
    That's a tricky situation. On one hand, just because he's out of the picture now doesn't mean that he will be out of the picture forever. Changing her name (a name that he essentially picked out) could come across as an attempt to alienate him further, even though he was the one to alienate himself first. It would be an awkward conversation if he appears in her life at a later point and he were to say, "Well, we actually named you Auriana, but when we split up, your Mom changed your name." On the other hand, you are her mother and will be there through thick and thin, and if Auriana is painful to you, you should find something that isn't painful.
    I think this is a very insightful comment.

    My mom was a single mom, and my dad was very absent most of my life.
    I think we had dinner with him like twice a year until I was 18 and then he decided he wanted to be my dad.
    It was always awkward but my mom did a great job not bad-mouthing him and alienating him more from me.
    (She did this thing where she'd answer any question I had about him without giving me information I hadn't asked for. It worked out quite well for both of us and I only heard the things about him I was ready for. I totally recommend it. That way you can always be honest with your little girl but can also avoid talking about him unless she asks.)

    Anyway. I think you should choose something similar that you really like. I know you like Audrey as you mentioned it in your OP. And with a role model like Audrey Hepburn she's be so well served. Personally I love Aurora and Aurelia.

    Good luck in choosing the right name. But don't feel about about changing it. If you hate it and it's not her, well then it's just clearly not the right name.
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    Yes, change it. What about Vera-Marie?
    I also love Verity (which means truth) and Verona (a Shakespearian/Place name) nn Vera

    or for Mary- you could do Merilee/Merrily, Maryanne, Maribel, Marisol, Marigold, or Miriam...or anything on this list, really: Mary's International Variations - List |
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    I really like Vera, it's not popular at all (to me at least). Lorena is gorgeous, too.
    Don't feel bad about changing her name, just do it now before she's lived with it much longer and people start getting her monogrammed things!! ;-) good luck

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